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Environmental Pledge

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Need assurance that your E-Waste will be destroyed?

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Concern for the environment is a noble cause and necessary for the future of our planet. Similarly, the data contained within your electronic equipment is mandated by several government regulations and faces exposure to liability over private customer data.


Rest assured we have experience in this matter.


TelcoScrap’s data sanitation methods exceed U.S. Department of Defense specifications for security and electronics disposal. You can trust us to securely remove your company’s proprietary information and assure your compliance with privacy laws. Your equipment containing vital company information such as hard drives will be destroyed to prevent proprietary information and, corporate and identity theft.


We will provide you with a certified Letter of Destruction and follow exactly your instructions on how your materials are to be destroyed. Your certified Letter of Destruction will contain “chain of custody” information tracking your equipment from the time we take possession until the moment of final destruction.